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Our School Theme and Mission

R.E.A.C.H. Cultivating Self and Community

Crowell School’s theme is R.E.A.C.H. (Research/Technology, Engineering, Arts, Collaboration, Health) Cultivating Self and Community.  This year to launch our theme, we have created teacher taught workshops that emphasize one or more of our REACH themes.  These workshops are learning opportunities that embody a 21st Century learner, provides a collaborative learning environment made up of multiple grade levels, is student chosen, and teaches a skill students would not otherwise encounter in a typical academic day.  This year we offered 2 sessions of workshops; Fall and Spring.  Our very popular workshops have been well received by students, parents and teachers.  We offer the workshops once a week for one hour.


Mission Statement

The mission of Crowell Elementary is to prepare all students socially, emotionally and academically for college and career success.

Social Motto

Cougars are kind.


Crowell School holds firm to the belief that our students, who come from many backgrounds and ability levels, are able to learnĀ and develop the skills necessary to achieve grade level standards.


  • All students will embody positive character traits within the school setting and the community at large.
  • Each student will meet or exceed daily learning objectives and reach his/her academic potential.
  • Each student will learn to establish and achieve personal goals.